Jewellery info


We use the UK sizing system which is alphabetical. All ring designs are made to a certain size which is listed in the pieces description. If you require a certain size please enquire through our contact page. Depended on size there may be an extra charge to alter ring designs. To measure your ring size it is best to visit your nearest jewellery store. 

All necklaces and bracelets come in one standard length which is listed in the pieces description. If you are requiring an alternative length this can easily be done. Depending on additional length there may be a slight price increase. 


All metal used is from ethical sources or recycled. All jewellery listed is either made using sterling silver (STG) or 9ct gold. If you wish to have a piece made in another metal carat please enquire. 

Handmade slow fashion

All pieces of jewellery except for chain and findings (clasps for example) are made entirely by hand by Hannah.

We do not make mass produced pieces from casting methods. Making everything possible by hand guarantees a superior quality product. It is also more sustainable as there are less processes and often metals can be recycled. 

This hand-making does influence the cost of our jewellery but we believe you get what you pay for and here it is quality. 


All stones used are purchased from reputable ethical sources and are to our best knowledge conflict free. Diamonds purchased come with their own certification. 


We want and encourage you to wear your jewellery everyday but to make sure your pieces stay in their top condition we have some tips 

  • Put jewellery on last when getting dressed. 
  • Remove jewellery when showering, doing dishes, cleaning or gardening 
  • Remove jewellery while sleeping.
  • Do not wear your jewellery to the gym or while exercising - metal and stones can be damaged while using exercise equipment and sweat from exercising will cause stones to look dull.
  • Avoid natural hot pools when wearing your jewellery - the sulphur in the water can oxidise metals, turning them black. If this happens the oxidised layer can be removed by polishing. 
  • Store jewellery pieces separately - in the bags they come in is ideal. 
  • Chains are best stored hanging or laid flat so they don't get knotted.
  • If stones are looking dull, liquid soap applied with warm water and a soft toothbrush is a great way to clean them at home. 
  • Pop into your local jewellery stone annually to get rings cleaned and stones checked. 
  • If jewellery contains pearls, avoid perfumes as this damages their surface layer, leaving them dull. 

Returns and exchanges

Items can be returned for credit or exchanged if the customer is not happy. Returns must be completed within 14 days of purchase. Please email to arrange a return. Each return is assessed on a case by case basis. 

  • In order for an exchange to be accepted jewellery must not have been worn or damaged. 
  • Hannah Cross Jewellery takes no responsibility for refunding shipping costs incurred with returns.
  • Sale items cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • Insurance of jewellery is at the responsibility of the buyer. Hannah Cross Jewellery takes no responsibility of jewellery theft or loss after delivery. 

Faulty Items

If you have received an item and believe it to be faulty please don't hesitate to get in touch. Please note that all jewellery is made by hand so no two pieces will be exactly identical.

Hannah Cross Jewellery doesn't deem regular 'wear and tear' as a fault and will not be liable for scratches, dents, and loss of polish from wear over time.  


Hannah Cross Jewellery is capable of repairs to Hannah Cross brand pieces as well as others.

If you are needing a repair done please get in touch on our contact page. Each case is assessed individually and we will get in touch if repair work is possible. Repair work generally incurs a fee as time/ metal is involved.