Crossed Lovers, Nicola + Sam

By Hannah Cross

Welcome to this season's Crossed lovers couple, Nicola + Sam




What do you do?
N - I work in Banking.
S -I’m a laboratory manager.

How did you meet and what was your first impression?
N- We met on tinder - I like to claim we’re a tinder success. But we actually met up the day after we ‘swiped right’ annnnd I was pretty smitten straight away. I’d never really believed in love at first sight etc BUT I did feel a weird connection like this person would be important in my life.

S - She harassed me on tinder until I went on a date with her ;p  and what was supposed to be a quick brunch date, turned into 3 dates in 1 day. We had an amazing connection and it helped that she was and is so beautiful inside and out.



Nicola, When did you know Sam was the one for you?
N - Well if you ask my mum (or don’t, she’ll tell you anyway) I knew from that first day. She’s not 100% wrong but I think my real actual ‘he’s the one’ moment was when we were moving in together, the day of lockdown 2020 and Sam basically moved us both single handedly AND my 8ft tall fiddle leaf fig tree without killing me. 


Sam, When did you know you loved Nicola?                                                 S - We went to a Six60 concert together and the next day I just knew.




Have you always known you wanted to get married?
N - 1000%! I’m the marrying type, ask anyone

S - Not really, but when the right person comes along "you will do anything for love" (unlike meatloaf).



Sam, how was the engagement ring making process for you?               S - Nicola hates surprises so she already knew of my intent to propose, as unromantic as this sounds it meant she had input on the design and we were even able to integrate some of her mum’s jewelry into the ring, making it even more special. 

Nicola, what does your engagement ring symbolise/mean to you?
N - Well my ring has a few very special meanings.
Firstly, the sapphire was gifted by my mum from a ring given to her by her dad on her 21st. It’s my something blue and means so much.
Secondly, the champagne diamond Sam picked. I had a few different choices and he chose that one and so together it’s a toi et moi ring. 2 gems for the 2 of us.
And lastly, there is just something so special about a close friend being the creator of something you intend to have on your forever. Han did the most amazing job and is now a part of our journey


Nicola, did you have an idea of your dream ring? Did Sam nail it?
N - Funnily enough, this ring is not what I had always envisioned- it’s 1000% better!!!
I’m a control freak so Sam made sure I was involved in the design process and so yea, he nailed it! 

Nicola, how was your wedding band making process for you?                  N - So great! Han gave me options of different styles that would go with my already unique engagement ring and ensured I got exactly what I wanted. So nice to feel so hands on in something you’ll wear the rest of your life.




Sam, did you ever think about your own wedding ring?                          S - No, but I loved the final look. I’m out on the water any chance I can get so Han suggested a water/ wave texture on the band which is really me. 




Sam, what does marriage mean to you?                                                      S - I think it’s a commitment between two people and a way to celebrate the love between them.




Non negotiables and envisions for wedding day?                                        N - White peonies, November, Hawkes Bay and good food, oh and our family! Just lots of love and happiness and the rest I could deal with

S - Whatever Nicola wanted haha, my input was to have good food. 




What was the day like?                                                                                     N - Absolute perfection! Everything I dreamed and more! We eloped with just our immediate family and it was just so special! Everyone there made our day the best day ever and everything turned out perfect!

S - The venue was amazing, and very intimate only having immediate family. It was forecast to rain during the ceremony but held off until all the photos were done.

What did you wear?                                                                                           N - I was pretty clear that I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a dress I’d wear once so I did a search around and found Shona Joy made off the rack wedding wear. So being a little cheaper than a big dress, I brought a beautiful fish tail satin skirt and a pair of wide leg satin pants and had the most beautiful custom top made by the amazing Olivia Briasco. It was sparkly and classic. The whole vibe was old Hollywood with a modern twist.

S - A casual vintage inspired cream pant and champagne suit jacket to match Nicola's ring and a custom white linen shirt from Olivia Briasco. I’m pretty low key and didn’t want anything too formal or stuffy on the day. 



Most memorable Moments from the entire day?                                           N - In order or happening because I can’t choose which is better…Our niece Mischa dancing while the girls were getting ready to keep us entertained - Seeing my mum, sister and my dad see me for the first time all dressed up - so many emotions Seeing Sam for the first time and watching that wave of emotion rush over him! - Having my grandfather there and seeing him so happy And Sam’s dad gracing us with a beautiful Karakia and a Waiata for our wedding - Dancing the night away with our beautiful family. So pretty much everything 

S - The first time I saw Nicola walking down the aisle.




Nicola, what is your favourite thing about your life with Sam?               N - Our cute little family of the 2 of us and our little fur baby, Albie. Just feeling so happy and content and realising what true companionship feels like 



Sam, what is your favourite thing about your life with Nicola?             S - We get to work towards our common goals together and waking up next to her every day.




Words of wisdom for other couples?                                                             N - Shit gets hard, but loving someone is easy if it’s meant to be.

S - Relationships should be easy.




What’s next for you 2 together?                                                                       N - Hmmm renovating our beautiful house, growing together and maybe giving Albie a brother or sister.

S - Babies =D




Nicola + Sam

Met 2019

Married in Hawkes Bay, November 2022


Nicola's jewellery - 18ct yellow and white gold engagement ring with champagne cushion cut diamond and oval blue sapphire. 18ct yellow gold eternity band with champagne diamonds. Sterling silver initial hoop earrings. 


Sam's jewellery - Recycled rose gold wedding band with hammered textured.