Moon Child

Moon child - classically a person born during the June/ July Cancerian season but now also one who is drawn to the Moon. Sensitive, creative souls who feel deeply.

This is a jewellery collection made at a delicate time and feels like my most personal. Inspiration sparked during the Autumnal months of lockdown where the day's biggest highlight was an afternoon walk - often ending at Moonrise. This became a beautiful constant during an uncertain time and is the muse for this years' collection. 

Intended to be intriguing, wearable and delicate yet durable. Soft luna inspired curves direct design with smaller quotidian pieces and statement larger pieces. Colour ways are subtle like the moon itself - simply, metals and rainbow moonstone additions, a stone with every colour. Therefore suiting everyone. 

Another collection intended to be enduring. These pieces are not tied to the time during which they were made and I hope you get decades of joy from them as I found when creating them.